What happens if you have similar products to other stall holders?

Policy for Multiple Stallholders of the same/similar Product

Having spent a lot of time at different markets around Auckland I know it can cause consternation when a stallholder arrives at a market and there are multiple stallholders all selling the same product.  This can be made worse when the stallholders with similar products are allocated space next to each other.

At Devonport Market, we do have a policy of inclusion at the market.  As long as the product is right for the Devonport Community then it is right for the Devonport Market.

As a result we'd prefer to do the following:

  • Anyone who would like to come to Devonport Market, and meets our criteria for being at the Devonport Market, can be included.
  • If you sell a product similar to another product at the market, then we encourage you to ensure that what you sell is unique and individual enough that it does not matter if similar products are at the market.  By the fact you have a unique offering, it will stand out anyway.
  • We want to tell your story.  If you can provide us with your story, images and any other assets then we are happy to include you in our advertising for the market.  The more you tell us, the richer the story will be. By telling your story, you will stand out more.
  • We will endeavor not to put similar stalls next to each other so as to avoid direct comparisons between product groups.

Most importantly, Be Kind.  We are all in this together and the markets are all one happy family.  If we do have concerns between stallholders, please let the organizer know so that things can be worked out to a mutually beneficial outcome.

We are not looking to put just anyone at the market, but equally we do not want to exclude creators because we already have someone making a similar product - your could be very different and sell for very different reasons.

At the end of the day, we'd like the Devonport Community to be the one to decide what they prefer.  After all, they are the customer!


Thank you for your understanding.