ACM Markets - Terms & Conditions

Opening Hours/ Set Up:

  • Unless otherwise stated Markets open from 9am to 2pm on the dates displayed on the application form
  • Stallholders need be onsite no later than 30 mins before the market starts and ready when doors open at 9am. If you have not arrived by 8:30am then we are sorry but you will lose your place for that week.
  • Stall holders are not able to pack up until closing time at 2pm. No early departure is allowed
  • You can bring your own Eftpos/ credit card machine if you wish.
  • If you are NEW to our Markets, we will require 3 photos of your products and a photo of your table display upon registration for the market - please email to


Payment is essential to confirm your attendance and must be made by the deadline as stated in the confirmation email

Refund policy is outlined in the Cancellation section of this document.

Unless agreed otherwise, payment will not be accepted on the day of the market, any stalls who haven't paid by the deadline will be offered to someone else.

Please be aware that as the Markets are mainly a mixture of indoor and outdoor market, we will reserve the right to cancel the outdoor section (the Red Team) of the market at short notice if the weather is too bad to have you there. We will normally make this decision on the Thursday or Friday before the market.

Should the market be cancelled due to bad weather you will be given a choice to roll over the money to pay as a credit for the next market or to receive an 80% refund.

Stall holder expectations:

  • Kindly do not show up before time advised.
  • To have a well presented stall, table cloths are to be used and down to the floor, we don't want to see feet or storage.
  • Please ensure all table cloths are safely tied back and do not pose a trip hazard.
  • Stay at the market until closing. We do not tolerate early pack up and you will not be invited back if you do so.
  • Take all your rubbish home and ensure your general area is left clean.
  • Mingle and be friendly to fellow stall holders.
  • Give ample notice of cancellation. A text or call on the morning if you can't attend.
  • Pay promptly to confirm your place at the market.
  • Take extreme care when stopping and unloading vehicles.
  • Maintain and operate a reliable email address.


Cancellations while necessary can prove challenging on the day for the organiser. We try to ensure we have no gaps and the market is full and vibrant. Communication therefore is very important.

Pre-Booked Stalls

We offer the opportunity for you to pre book your stalls through the year.

Once accepted in a pre booked space, this means that the space is allocated to you and not offered to anyone else.  Therefore we do expect the invoices to be paid even if, when it comes to the time, you cannot make the market - even if cancellation happens several weeks prior to the market.

The reason for this is that we have reserved the dates and spaces for you in advance and so will not be offering them to anyone else, so if you are not certain about any dates, please do not confirm them.

Non Pre-booked Stalls

If you do not wish to pre-book a space and commit yourself to a space at the market, we will release the available spaces via an email following the 2nd market of the month.  It is possible to book and pay for your stall via the link on the email.

Please note, the spaces available on the email will be those which have not been pre booked in advance for the market.

In the week prior to the market, there are no refunds for cancellations made during the week and any invoices issued will remain valid.

Exception to this are cancellations due to the vendor having COVID-19 will be eligible for a full refund. (A copy of the test result may be requested).

Should the market be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the organiser, you will be eligible for an 80% refund or credit towards another event.

The sooner you can advise of cancellation, the better, so please let us know as soon as you can.

Incidents or Accidents:

Please report to a Devonport Market host as soon as possible any incidents no matter how minor they may seem.